2006 Soccer Tournament

Posted by Ryan Gordon on June 10, 2006 under Sports | 4 Comments to Read

I’ve been playing soccer for 8 years now! In the last few months we’ve been playing in a tournament in the 2006 Milpitas Soccer Leage. We won all the games except for one. Darn Spurrs! Fortunately for us, they liked to play dirty and got cited and kicked off the leage half way in. The rest of the games we dominated, and therefore… Well I’ll just let you take a look for yourself:

2006 Soccer Award

I think it has to do with a large portion of the team being together for 3 seasons. We’ve also had the same coach for the last 3 season and we’re getting together for one more season, which starts in August. Unfortunately for us though, is that we’ll be the noobies in this league because we have to move up to Under 16.

Some of you maybe watching the MLS World Cup recently. And man, those guys can really play!

  • Belloman said,

    Congrats, your several practices paid off :P

  • Tikitiki said,

    Along with the fractured rib that came along with it :P

  • Neggy-G said,

    well done m8, maybe you should come over th the gd old UK and see how you like our style of football!:)

  • ahero4heor said,

    i play football 2 [both american and european!(european as in soccer)], got the same trophy, got 2 football trophies (only 1 in the leauge, Yay!)….Un-fotunately Tiki’s still better than me…….

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