College Life

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It’s been 7 months since I’ve last updated this blog and so much in my life has happened since then. Currently I am writing this blog post at my laptop computer as my roommate slurps some soup and outside rain steadily pours. Even with the somewhat gloomy weather, the environment feels ecstatic as the university event center prepares to host some major political figures in a few hours time.

College Life

I am now attending San Jose State University, aiming for a Computer Engineering degree in 5 years and a masters in another semester. Moving out and away has been one of the best things that I ever could have done for my life. It’s really allowed me to become my own person and give me the freedom I’ve ever so needed. Course work and all of the side activities such as clubs and sports has been keeping me very busy but I still enjoy my schedule and the socializing that I get to have in my free time.


I participated on the Evergreen Valley High School Robotics team for the previous two years and I am now mentoring the new EVHS Robotics team, helping them stand on their feet again as a completely new team. I hope they will be able to have the same amazing experiences and build the same life-long relationships that I was able to once forge with teammates during my years on the robotics team. These new group of kids are very motivated and I wish them the best of luck over the next few years as they learn how to take over the world.


It’s been hard keeping up with development with everything going on, especially while I worked regular hours during my internship at ActiveVideo Networks, over the summer. Even with this impediment, the team was still able to successfully release the MyBB 1.6 series, which I would argue to be the most successful release in all of MyBB history. A lot of staffing restructuring, community changes, and development shifts have happened behind the scenes over the past several months. It’s been a surprising roller coaster ride to see how much the MyBB Group and the community that sounds us has fundamentally changed. We are continuing to roll out new ideas and changes to continue to ensure that MyBB is heading in the right direction. This has been a slow process, but as we all know, good happens when we consider patience as a virtue.

MyBB 2.0 is also still baking slowly in development. The new MyBB 2.0 theme has been coming together very nicely and we continue to refine it and reconsider our design as we realize when and how we can make it better. The MyBB 2.0 framework itself is coming together as a result of almost a year of research and conceptualizing and prototyping. We have taken a look at dozens of frameworks and designs and our result will be – hopefully – a straight-forward yet intuitive framework system.


Apart from what I have listed above there’s much more that’s been going on, some of which I am not able to talk about. Almost all of my previous friends have moved out and away to fulfill their own paths on this road of life. It’s sad to see them move away but I certainly wish them all the best. To friends those that are still around, I find to be slowly moving on their own paths as well. Personally, I have now a clear vision of my future and I am certainly looking forward to the future and to how I will be able to exercise my strengths for the better.

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