MyBB... I like the way you import?

The whole point of the MyBB Import system is that you can merge databases. You can also select what to import, and what not to import. Now it’s not finished, but I’ll explain what the system does and how easy it really is!

MyBB Conversion Wizard - Welcome

The first step - The welcome page! Not all of the converters have been finished, but this shows what will be done by the time 1.4 is released. Currently we’ve finished: MyBB (Merge), SMF, phpBB 2, and PunBB.

MyBB Conversion Wizard - Module Selection

The second step shows you the module list. You’ll need to fill in your database configuration details as shown in the picture below.

MyBB Conversion Wizard - phpBB 2 Database Configuration

This page is where you’ll fill in the database details of the database you want to import.

MyBB Conversion Wizard - Module Selection 2

Once you are done with that, you’ll get back to the module page. Here you’ll see that you can select a module to start out from. These modules need to be done first because data is required from these modules for other modules.

MyBB Conversion Wizard - Import phpBB 2 Usergroups
Here you’ll input how many of the module you selected you want to import. Once you’re done with this, click next to continue.

MyBB Conversion Wizard - Import phpBB 2 Usergroups 2

At this screen, it shows you whats been run in the module. Click next to continue; If there are more it will continue on with the module, otherwise you’ll be sent back to the module list as depicted in the picture below.

MyBB Conversion Wizard - Module Selection 3

Here you’ll be able to select the next module, or, if your finished, you can press ‘Clean Up’ and it will show the next page.

MyBB Conversion Wizard - Completion
The is the last page of the importer before you can visit your new imported board :)

You can also pause modules so you don’t have to run them all. Say you only wanted to import 10 threads. And of course, you can resume the module if you wish to continue importing them, but we’ll get into that more later