MyBB... I like the way you 'Plug In'

MyBB… I like the way you “Plug In”

Next up on MyBB, and the first new 1.4 feature to be revealed on my blog, is… Drum roll please

Plugin Version Checking!

Yep, the new ACP now has a way of checking updating for plugins. It will connect to the MyBB Mods server and returns a list of plugins that need updating.

How does it work?

  1. GUIDs (globally unique identifiers) are assigned to a plugin after it is submitted. Authors have the option to update their plugin with the option of adding the GUID to their plugin.
  2. A list of plugins with GUIDs in the plugin directory and sent to the MyBB Mods Server
  3. MyBB Mods validates that list and sends back a list of plugins which includes the latest version number and download URL for each of the installed plugins
  4. The MyBB admin CP checks to see the list and compares the versions of plugins you have with the latest versions returned by the server