Robotic's 2010: Where I've been for the past 8 weeks

This is the robot we’ve been working on strenuously (think 16 hour work days out of one of NASA’s machine shops) for the FIRST (For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology) Silicon Valley Regional held at San Jose State University. This year’s competition is to, in it’s simplest form, play soccer. Our robot contains a ball magnet for good for ball control and a pneumatic powered kicker to launch the ball.

We placed 11th overall ending up as a quarter-finalist among 60 other competitive teams. The robot is built entirely by students and the team is entirely run by students. The experience of designing and building a robot from scratch is tremendously interesting and jam-packed with more education and life lessons then anything else could teach. It’s been a enormous uphill battle with funding, managing, designing, prototyping, building, testing, training, and preparing over the past several months.